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Assault and Battery

Reno Assault and Battery Lawyer

In the state of Nevada, assault and battery are considered two separate crimes. Assault has been defined as an effort or threat of bodily injury. Battery on the other hand is the actual act of carrying out this threat of intimidation. These charges vary or are altered depending on the extent of bodily injury, the condition of the offense or whether or not a weapon was utilized during the crime. These conditions can determine whether the accused may face a felony charge or a misdemeanor.

If you are facing any or all of these charges it is imperative that you retain a qualified attorney that understands the severity of these charges and has the experience to fight them on your behalf. As a Reno criminal defense attorney, I will provide for you a thorough evaluation of your case and give you pertinent information regarding your options.

Potential Defenses for Reno Assault and Battery Cases

As I said before, these types of charges vary regarding the actual circumstances of your individual case but with the right representation you can fight the charges by refuting the allegations against you that may include, arguing that the occurrence was done in self-defense, that the witness or witnesses accounts are to not be relied upon or that the allegations were false and done with malice in mind for reasons of revenge, anger or jealousy.

I have the experience of working on both sides of the court room, which can be used as leverage in all the cases I represent. To learn more about how I can help in your defense do not hesitate to contact my office.