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Domestic Violence

Reno Domestic Violence Attorney

Lawyer Fighting Domestic Battery Charges in Reno, Nevada

What is considered domestic battery? In the state of Nevada, this can mean any unlawful touching but also including Spousal Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse and Social Abuse. All prosecutors in Nevada cannot reduce charges or dismiss them unless they cannot prove without a reasonable doubt that the occurrence did not happen. Even if the victim recants their previous statements against you the judge may utilize the earlier statements without a jury present.

The case becomes domestic when the victim has a particular relationship with the accused such as, marriage, blood relations, a child in common or even possibly a roommate relationship or just a dating relationship. If you are found to be guilty of any of these charges you will lose your rights to own and carry a firearm in the state of Nevada. In most cases the victim does not want to press charges and can be of help to the defense but there is pressure from the state to keep the victim actively seeking retribution and can use 9-1-1 calls to further their case as evidence of the crime.

I have great experience in these types of cases and will use all of my abilities and resources to protect your rights and make sure that all issues are addressed even if the two parties come to some agreement the trial will still take place and will need an excellent Domestic Battery attorney. Please do not wait for this situation to get better on its own. You will be better off in the end if you have a diligent lawyer. I also want to assure you that if a victim is in need of a discussion, my doors are always open.