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Drug Crimes

Las Vegas Drug Charges Attorney

Criminal Defense for Drug Crime Allegations

In the Reno/Fallon area and the state of Nevada, drug charges can be comparatively very serious offenses to very minor charges depending on the circumstances. The common thread to these types of case is that it will change your life. Whether it be license revocation, lofty fines and of course time in jail or prison.

My name is Steve Evenson and I am a criminal defense lawyer who has dedicated my career to defending clients who have faced very serious drug charge allegations. To further your knowledge regarding the allegations that you face it is imperative that you retain a lawyer with the experience and resources to give you the best possible outcome to your case.

Las Vegas Drug Charges – Building a Strong Defense

In order to create a solid defense, it is important to cover all portions of the case against you. This should include the process of investigation, the arrest itself, the strength of the witness statements among other aspects of your case that can determine a lengthy process or one that is best equipped to defend your rights as an individual and receive the best outcome possible. This can be achieved by retaining a solid, local attorney such as Steve Evenson.