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To make certain that there is as little damage done as possible to your everyday life during this process and especially your driving record, it is in your up most interest to retain a qualified attorney that knows the layers to a DUI/DWI case and investigation.

The Law Offices of Steve Evenson is renowned for its client to attorney relationships and has been relied upon for many years to teach the clients about the charges they face and the repercussions of a DUI/DWI in the state of Nevada. Steve Evenson will take the time for a thorough investigating as to all the ins and outs of your specific case conditions.775-428-1967

What hiring a Nevada DUI Defense Attorney can help you avoid

Fines The court has costs in the form of fines that can range from $500-$10,000 but could increase due to any mitigating conditions of your specific case. Beyond that there are issues that are mandatory such as increased insurance costs, penalties from the DMV as a division of Reno’s driver responsibility assessment and injury damages that could also add to the total financial damage.

Criminal Charges. The judges can rule that your first offense could be a misdemeanor or a felony on your second or third conviction. Steve Evenson and his skilled team should keep this off your driving record if retained.

Jail Time. With the right lawyer you can possibly avoid the potential jail time that can range between one year for the first offense to seven years for the third.

Loss of license. Characteristically, with a DUI/DWI conviction comes a required loss of driver privileges up to a year or more. This is a highly detrimental factor in these cases due to the necessity of getting to work on time etc.

Finding your way through a DUI/DWI case can be difficult but with the right attorney, this daunting task can be viewed through experienced eyes that will get you through it with the up most respect to you and your family. Contact Nevada DUI lawyer Steve Evenson via e-mail at nevadaracer@hotmail.com or by phone at (775) 273-2529 or at his office in Fallon, NV.

RENO DWI/DUI Defense Attorney

In the state of Nevada getting caught driving while under the influence of any controlled substance is a very serious offence. Even if your blood alcohol is below the legal limit, you may still be prosecuted. You might also loss your ability to drive in the state that you visited from. It is imperative that you retain a well-qualified and experienced
Reno DUI defense attorney to represent you. At Steve Evenson and Associates, we are pleased to have retained thousands of DWI/DUI cases in the greater Reno/Fallon area.

DWI/DUI most asked questions

Q: What is my first step after being arrested for DUI/DWI?

A: It would be prudent for you to retain us as soon as possible even though your court date and hearing might not be for a few months, there is indispensable evidence that could be destroyed if not collected as soon as possible. Evidence that could help your case and make sure you do not serve the maximum sentence and or fines. If you submit to a Breathalyzer test, you may lose your driving privileges immediately. If you retain us we are able to request a challenge to the ruling and you could have your license temporarily returned to you within three business days after you have paid the $2.25 to any full service Nevada DMV. Having done a blood draw sample only gives you about 75 days till the results are released so it is imperative that you retain a qualified lawyer to make sure no rock goes unturned in your defense.

Q: What will happen if I am convicted of a DUI/DWI?

A: Here are all of the criminal sentences you will have to face when you have been convicted of a DUI/DWI:

  • When your blood alcohol level is at 0.18 or above and you are under 21 years of age you must pay for and attend a $100.00 alcohol assessment to see if you are in need of alcohol abuse treatment.
  • Your attendance is also necessary at a DUI/DWI school, which usually last eight hours and cost around $200.00.
  • From forty-eight hours to six months of jail time or forty-eight to ninety-six hours of community service.
  • Court fees and fines that range from $577.00 to $1,000.00; also a $60.00 chemical assessment.
  • Your presence is required at a “victim impact panel.” This is a single class sponsored by Mother’s Against Drunk Driving. You will be presented with stories from true victims of drunk drivers and those members of the family that were left behind. This seminar has a one-time fee of $50.00, payable in cash the day of the session.

Additionally, even if you are not convicted of a DUI you still may be penalized by:

  • Loss of your driving privileges for ninety days and only reinstatement after at least forty-five days.
  • A reinstatement fee of $65.00
  • A $21.75 new driver license fee
  • A $35.00 Victims Compensation Civil Penalty
  • It might also be required of you to re-take the Nevada driver’s test again
  • You will also need to carry SR-22 insurance for a continuous three years whether you are driving or not.

When you have committed your second offence for a DWI/DUI in the state of Nevada, you will face all of the stated penalties above with a few changes in sentencing. For example: There is a ten-day minimum in jail time and an automatic minimum $750.00 fine and a mandatory alcohol treatment evaluation. Also the suspension of your driving privileges is revoked for a full year. This is a non-negotiable penalty.

In a third DUI/DWI case, you are now looking at a binding one to six years of prison time. Also your driving privileges will be suspended for at least three years.

Q: Do convictions from other states count for a second and third offense?

A: Indeed they do but there are many different tactics to challenge a DUI/DWI conviction in both Nevada and other states.

Q: What happens if I’m pulled over and asleep in the car but not driving?

A: Be very careful in this case because without the correct legal backing you can be considered driving under the influence even if you are parked on the side of the road. There are several factors that go into the decision such as where you are in the vehicle; is the engine on and are you in control of the car etc.

Q: What will happen if I’m caught and under the age of twenty-one?

A: If you are caught while under the age of twenty-one you will be responsible for a mandatory alcohol treatment evaluation. If you are younger than eighteen then a court judge may include a reduced curfew, maintaining a specific grade point average and possibly obligatory employment.

Q: What are the consequences of driving while my license is suspended?

A: If you are caught driving with a suspended license in the state of Nevada you will automatically spend thirty days in county jail. This is considerably longer than the time you would spend if you were convicted in the first place.

Q: IS there a difference between a revoked license and a suspended license?

A: In a revoked license case, you are looking at an indefinite amount of time and a suspended license is such that it will end at the predetermined time that was set by the judge.

Q: I reside in a different state than Nevada, what is my first step?

A: If you contact us and with a request for retention we will almost always be able to keep you from a first court appearance and in many cases settle the case without you ever having to appear at all.

Q: I read an advertisement in the local paper that said they would only charge $1,500.00 for a DUI/DWI case. What is keeping me from hiring him?

A: We would ask you to call that law office and ask them if they would even go to trial for your case. Also ask them how many DUI/DWI cases they have had in the last week, month, ever for that matter. Then come talk to me, Steve Evenson, where DWI/DUI is one of our areas of expertise and we have the staff and resources to best defend you and your rights.

Q: What are your retention and other fees?

A: After evaluating your case we will give you a quote that is a flat fee including trial fees. This will be presented to you in a contractual form and will honor interest free payments as long as there are no late or missed payments.

Q: Why shouldn’t I retain a Public Defender?

A: A public defender will not be able to represent you in your administrative hearing and is ill equipped to defend a DUI/DWI case. This is not an area that they spend a lot of time on and could be a detriment to your case if it does not receive the correct attention it deserves.

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