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Nevada Theft Lawyer

Charged with Theft in Nevada?

The first step after you have been charged with theft is to secure a Nevada criminal lawyer that can represent you in the most prudent manner and help you secure your freedom.

The term “theft” in Nevada’s court system can mean one of two things. It can mean you are charged with a violent crime or a non-violent crime. Other factors in your case can be determined by the value of the theft and the severity of the violence that is alleged in your case. This can greatly affect whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony.

Mr. Steve Evenson has been a pillar of success in these types of cases. He is one of the most dedicated and well-respected attorneys in the Nevada court system and can help you feel more secure in your defense. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for a consultation at your earliest convenience.

Degree of Theft Charges

In a case were the stolen goods are valued at $1,000.00 or less are considered a petit larceny; also recognized as a petty larceny. This falls under a misdemeanor charge and with the right lawyer you may prevent jail time all together. In cases that involve violent theft crime or a monetary value of one million dollars or more is considered Grand larceny, which also falls into the felony realm of charges. This can be punishable by up to twenty-five years in federal prison as well as other fines and penalties if you are found guilty of the accusations against you. This is a class B felony and is an extremely serious charge; it should not be taken lightly.

A Class C felony is a second-degree charge that can send you to federal prison up to fifteen years. A third degree larceny charge is considered a Class D felony and can put you behind bars for a maximum of seven years, if found guilty of the crimes charged against you. A fourth degree larceny is considered the smallest charge you can receive and is considered a Class E felony and can be punishable up to four years in federal prison. You may also be charged in a civil case that can also take a lot of time and money and should not be left under represented.

Penalties for Theft

In Fallon, Nevada the charges and penalties against you may vary. When the case is a petty larceny charge and you have secured our excellent representation, you may never set foot in a jail. For more serious offences such as a violent crime or an armed robbery, you may face substantial fines and costs as well as multiple years in federal prison.

If you do retain our services you will get the very best in service and experience dealing with these types of cases. I can utilize my knowledge of both sides of the issues and secure you the best outcome achievable.