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Lawyer Burning Man

This year’s Burning Man Event is sure to be as spectacular as last years; attorney Steve Evenson has just announced that like years before he will be representing event attendees that find themselves in trouble with local authorities.

When asked about the Burning Man Event and why he has decided to represent attendees, this is how he responded:
“I am honored to have represented so many folks who have found themselves in trouble over something that happened at Burning Man. Everyone knows that anything is possible at Burning Man and that, unfortunately, can mean an arrest or citation while on the Playa. Because of my long history representing folks from Burning Man, I offer free consultations during and after Burning Man to anybody from the event or who was on their way to or from the event who finds themselves in trouble.”

“Living and working in Lovelock, Nevada I have the experience and relationships necessary to handle your case in a cost effective and prompt manner. While each case is different and no lawyer can, or should, guarantee a result, I am confident that my representation of you will most likely give you the best result possible.”

When asked what benefits his firm can provide to attendees Evenson answered: “Because of my extensive rural Nevada practice, I am also well familiar with each law enforcement agency and District Attorney’s Office from Utah to California and from Oregon and Idaho southward all the way to Las Vegas. If you are in trouble for anything that happens along Interstate 80, US 95 or US 93, I can handle your case with the same knowledge and experience that I have in Lovelock.”

Evenson said he will be available in Lovelock to go to the jail and meet with clients and will accept calls from clients, their family or friends, day or night 24/7 during Burning Man weekend. For more information about his services visit his website at http://www.nvcounsel.com.

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